On picture, body and soul

I didn’t do anything big,
I just updated my profile picture.
True it was 15 odd years ago that I last changed it.
But you were overjoyed. Ecstatic! You reacted. Lots.
You said you wanted to see more. See not only half a picture but the full one.
The full picture.

I said. Okay, I get it.
I dug in deep.
I tried.
I expressed. And then I shared. With you.
You were not amused.

Not many reactions.
Not like the picture update.
A mere picture update!

I know you read it. Statistics don’t lie. I see you in website analytics.
You visited. And then you left.
Like you came to knock on the door and left immediately after.
Almost like you changed your mind. At the very last moment.
Like you mistook it for someone.

Someone you didn’t know.
Someone you didn’t care for.
Someone you were scared to see. And meet.

And I thought I provided a picture.
A better picture than the digital image I shared.
Than my material face.
Than my material face.

I agree without the material, there’s no place for the soul to exist. And soul is special. Sublime.
I understand without the body, I cease to exist. “I” ceases to exist. (It’ll be a sad day?!)
But am I more than a picture.. I speak out aloud,
I ask myself,
Am I more than the body that carries my soul.

The nurturing I’ve recieved from you.
The teachings I’ve gotten from you.
The sacrifices you’ve done for me.
The knowledge you’ve imbibed in me.
The intellect.
The curioustiy.
Compassion. You’ve inculcated in me.

Am I not more than my picture, I ask myself, out aloud.


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