Canadian Government Support to Young Entrepreneurs and Existing Businesses

We did some research into grants, funding and special loans available to startups and existing businesses in Canada when we were establishing Prasna IT. This is a compilation that we believe will be useful to entrepreneurs like us. Here’s a compilation of what we found.

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Young Entreprenur

How to apply

A young entrepreneur is one in the age between 18 - 39.

Existing Entrepreneur

If you already have a business, you can avail the following:

Accelerate growth of small/medium sized businesses by providing funding for innovation

Funds cleantech startup 50k-100k non-repayable contribution

Entrepreneur with at least a 12 month old business

Principal postponement upto 12 months Can spend the funds on buying assets, investing in marketing, website or consulting and for line of credit

Entrepreneur 24 months old

Small business loan of 100k For commercial real estate purchase For technology financing For financing of technology companies

Entrepreneur export focussed

Canadian Goverment Grants

Further reading

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