I run Prasna IT. We provide IT Support with empathy and personalization.

Two things I dream of is one, running a business with empathy at its core (took me 25 years to setup Prasna IT, we started end 2023!) and two discussing entrepreneurship. This site allows me to write, share my thoughts and actions on technology, human relations, entrepreneurship. I believe as a human, we’re capble of generating many different thoughts and ideas and that they do not always need to be categorized, compartmentalized. My posts section is a reflection of that. Hope you will find the posts useful, insightful. If you enjoyed reading them, I wish you start a blog yourself (technologically, its very quick and easy to setup one, now-a-days) because its important for the world to hear from you, learn from you. If you want to go further, become an entrepreneur.

Write to me at [email protected] or connect with me over Linkedin: https://ca.linkedin.com/in/sanjayregmi.

About the website: This site is written on Hugo installed on an old Intel Machine running FreeBSD. Code is pushed to Github and automatically deployed to Cloudflare pages. Theme being used is called Etch by Lukas Joswiak.

Site is managed by Prasna IT in New Westminster, BC. Prasna IT is a Managed Service Provider and provides humanized IT Support.


We use Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Affiliate links. If you have questions about privacy, please write to us at the email mentioned above.

Lakhe Dancer on Mukut during Bhairab Dance in Pokhara in 2006

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