On leaving and being left

Everybody leaves.
At some point.
Its a revolving door. Its people. Natural. Nothing special or disheartening.

Memories should be kept.
They allow us to be happy (or sad) even after the moments are long gone.

The source of energy is your love. For yourself, for others.
Your dreams. Your being.
When you smell the fresh air or when you touch the first snow.
The fur of the pet when it rubs against your fingers.
The smile of your friend.
The especially good food someone prepared for you.
In your name, in your anticipation.
The invite you didn’t expect.
The hugs and the camaraderie.
The warmth you can feel deep in your heart.
THAT will provide you unlimited energy.
Like energy itself, that which cannot be created nor can be destroyed (btw, do you know of anything of this nature?!).

What you feel as sorrow is self created.
Life’s always good, its serene, its beautiful.
Think I’m bluffing?!

Go out for a walk with who you share your heart.
Wear your nice dress.
Call your friends over for dinner.
Chat. Share.
You’ll be reminded how beautiful life is.
How special you are.


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