Agriculture Drones in Greater Vancouver Region

A month ago at the Tradex in Abbotsford did I see drones being marketed for use in agriculture in the lower mainland. I thought drones for agriculture were a cool modern disruption because it would be so much cheaper to fly an automated drone than to own and fly little airplanes with pilots or huge (and costly) sprayer machines that need to be driven on land. I also thought it would be a good thing for the survival of the business when it goes from retiring parents to their kids - drones are something that the kids are growing up with, are familiar and excited about, while many might not want to touch a tractor! I also heard that there were regulations in place that obstructed the full scale use of drones and that the drone companies were fighting with the government over it.

It’s time countries like Canada understand the shifts in adoption of technology and make it much easier and faster for the farmers to use them rather than obstruct them. Just like many things today, Drones are probably our future, let’s adopt them and figure how best we can add value rather than delay or block them.


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