Youtube's First Video from jawed, Neal Mohan and the Nature of Change

In the first line of the blog post this year by Neal Mohan the CEO of youtube is a link to the very first video that was uploaded to youtube, 18 years ago. ‘jawed’, the creator has a 19 second video where he talks about elephants having ‘really, really, long trunks’. Since his upload, until today, people have watched it over 300 hundred million times (and with Neal providing a link like that, I’m sure its going to rocket even more!), his channel has only that video and there are 4.45M subscribers to it. In terms of earnings, youtubers who have a million subscribers generally earn around 60K USD/year. Let’s step back for a moment. Did ‘jawed’ at that time realize how significant his upload would be?! Did we?!

This comes back to the fundamentals.

About trying new things. About not being afraid to try. About understanding the nature of change. That its by nature we don’t like change but if we have progress in our heads and the dream for progress lying deep in our chests, that we should be able to appreciate, create, propagate change. Its about understanding fear, trepidation, hesitation; that its natural and its okay. Using our heads to relieve the stresses created by our limbic brains. Its about being able to think of the future, what if, what if it does succeed when you have nothing to lose?! (They say part of achieving success is also by dreaming and wishing to be lucky.)

A simple video. One bold person. The beginning of a giant. We have chances for change everyday. Let’s understand its okay. And then proceed to doing it, propagating it. All the best!


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