Why Read Ulysses?

To those who’re used to reading books where there is a plot, events happen and the story moves to an end or a goal, the “stream of consciousness” technique comes rather as a surprise. Some like it, many others find it dense and cannot carry on after a few pages.

If you enjoyed dipping your feet into the consciousness technique in “To the lighthouse” by Virginia Woolf, the one to go next is definitely “Ulysses” by James Joyce. The problem with Ulysses is that its considered one of the most difficult to read books. Searching for why one should read it and how to read it, I came across an article by the Economist which I simply could not read and forget. Of course, it mentions we need three other books to read the one but it should be an amazing experience, regardless.

To those that first read Woolf and want to have a general comparison between the two, this article provides quick info.

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