What Is Being an Entrepreneur

It’s been slightly over six months that I’ve been an entrepreneur for the first time in my life. During these months, I realize entrepreneurship is much more about you yourself than anything else.

It’s about discipline, consistency.

It’s about positivity, carrying it all the time, infecting others with it. And in return, being infected as well.

It’s about being aware of those tiny little progressions, celebrating them, using them as fuel, for yet another day.

It’s so much about you and so less about others. At least in these beginnings. Your dream. Your fascination. Your commitment.

And then there are people. People you meet. Converse with. Discover.

Beautiful, thoughtful, kind, generous people. People you’d not meet otherwise.

They inspire. They energize you.

The best part - they let you discover yourself more. Deeper.

Your own self.


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