On Tea, Intoxication and Meditation

Every time I come to see you
and go away
You make me think.

Forgetting myself in intoxication
Of your presence
Of your meditative voice
That tells of stories far and wide
Of kindness, hope, confidence, beauty and strategy.
What a mix, I say to myself!

Time stands still or rather exists only there and nowhere else
All else is forgotten.
Almost like living in a different world.

The flow is uninterrupted.
I dare not disrupt.
For I want the river to flow. Flow in its own accord.
Dancing. Gushing.
Telling stories.

Listening, absorbing,
Being entertained.
All that wisdom
That I get for free.
Along with the sky, the lake, the roads and the life below.
We’re listening together.
Being enriched.
Cared for.
Like huddled kids.

While the aroma of tea brings life alive in each and every sip.
The tea made by you.
For us.


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