How to Develop Locally in Drupal and Host Static Files on your Website


Say you have an old website on Drupal 7 with plugins that don’t work with the latest versions of Drupal. You now cannot migrate over to Drupal 9 or 10 without doing a lot of manual work and or losing the functionality of your current plugins. If your requirements are still fulfilled by the old Drupal 7 website, there’s a solution to keep using it.

Summary of the post below:

This way, you can keep updating content on the Drupal 7 system without any fear of being hacked or corresponding software becoming obsolete while still maintaining the website.

The software stack that makes it possible are WSL, Docker, DDEV and of course Drupal.


Install WSL2 with Ubuntu.

Install Docker and DDEV

Install Drupal Project

Migration of the existing Drupal 7 site

Note: If your existing Drupal site is less than 100MB gzipped, you can use the Backup and Migrate plugin to fully restore your existing website into DDEV.

Exporting to static site

Benefits to this approach of hosting a website


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